January 9, 2019

5 Reasons why any brand needs a mobile application

The importance of mobile phones in our lives is incontestable. The advancement of mobile technology, the availability and access to high-speed Internet and remarkable communication interfaces have brought simple initial devices to a full level of experience and innovation through the development of mobile applications.

Unlike the Web, applications are available for instant execution, the user simply tapping the specific icon without having to open a web browser or search engine. In a world where the interest of interaction is sought, the application can be used in real time, as simple and direct as possible.

The usefulness of a mobile application is much larger than a conventional web page because not only the interface, but also its information and all content are organized for a more accessible, easy-to-manage mobile device. Finally, the App Store, Google Play, and Windows Phone apps can generate a significant increase in the number of organic searches from mobile devices, improving SEO positioning.

Here are 5 benefits of a mobile application for your brand:

  1. Constant presence (Mindshare)

Every time the user opens the phone menu, your brand icon will be there, thus contributing to the consumer’s mind. Big amounts are spent on positioning in TV commercials, street posters, brochures to achieve this goal – a mobile application simplifies not only these costs but also the link between brand and user.


  1. Transmit and manage optimized content

The content that clients and potential customers can access through the application does not necessarily have to be the same as the web page. It’s usually not. This is a key element – a major challenge for the application is to be more practical and simpler to use.


  1. Generate user engagement

Companies have the ability to interact with customers in real time, regardless of location, giving them the opportunity to create a profile based on their preferences.


  1. Providing added value

Do you have a loyalty program? Why not promote it digitally using a mobile application? You can move from the traditional rewards collection to smartphones and other mobile devices. Customers are interested in valuable products and services. With so many points of sale that offer the same products, o make a decision. A mobile application can direct customers to your store. For example, you can use pop-up messages for stores in the area where the user is located.


  1. Create a new marketing channel (Direct)

In the context of current marketing, everyone is constantly bombarded with marketing messages. A mobile application can help a brand reach out to those who are interested in news, notifications, and personalized messages.