January 9, 2019

Get the best results using touch screens at your corporate event

Audiovisual resources become an important additional component to help capture the public at an event. You want to attract the attention and to awaken the curiosity of the visitors, to offer the opportunity to bring them closer to new technologies, while sharing information about your brand and its values.

Using touchscreens for events successfully responds to this need as they serve as an interactive bridge between the company and the potential customer.

When potential customers participate in an event, fair or congress of great magnitude, interactive screens provide the necessary information they need, allowing them to accurately locate the activities of interest and keep them informed of everything that happens throughout the event.

Using interactive screens for registering participants is an excellent way to save paper and show interest in facilitating classical processes with the help of technology. Touch screens are also useful for synchronizing all information and emails on the cloud for faster access and easy storage.

If your event takes place in multiple halls and different activities take place simultaneously with different themes, tactile screens can be a very useful and fast resource to help guests decide which activity they choose to attend and which best suits their areas of interest.

You can also use it to display promotional material or live broadcasts throughout the event in real time.

A resource for brand promotion

In addition to providing information, screens can be used to show branding and sponsors to promote graphic elements in order to impress the participants with key elements such as the logo or colors specific to your company.

Take advantage of the visual space to display inspired messages that convey the values and philosophy of your brand. To involve the participants more and to highlight the impact of the event you are attending, design videos from previous editions, case studies, testimonials or even numbers with the number of participants or the variety of activities carried out. If you have an event-specific hashtag, you can show on screen what users share in social networks by showing them as part of what’s going on.

Use of touch screens in presentations

In a Business to Business environment, the time actually spent interacting with potential customers in a presentation is very short. That’s why you need to find creative ways to plan something memorable and make you stand out using more innovative resources.

In front of a touch screen the audience can access and explore the content at the same time as you, which creates a deeper and more engaging connection by convincing the public to interact with your messages.

Because the format encourages customers to want to play and explore, you can include a lot of interactive features such as 3D models, videos, image galleries, and interactive infographics. Limits are virtually limitless!