The applicability of Augmented Reality in the food industry

Within the food industry, Realitatea Augumentata (AR) has begun to make progress as more and more companies start to recognize the potential of AR and see it as a useful investment. Three main areas - human resources, user interaction, and the food industry have experienced the highest concentration of AR development so far and are [...]

5 Reasons why any brand needs a mobile application

The importance of mobile phones in our lives is incontestable. The advancement of mobile technology, the availability and access to high-speed Internet and remarkable communication interfaces have brought simple initial devices to a full level of experience and innovation through the development of mobile applications. Unlike the Web, applications are available for instant execution, the [...]

Get the best results using touch screens at your corporate event

Audiovisual resources become an important additional component to help capture the public at an event. You want to attract the attention and to awaken the curiosity of the visitors, to offer the opportunity to bring them closer to new technologies, while sharing information about your brand and its values. Using touchscreens for events successfully responds [...]

Which internal apps can increase the productivity of your employees?

Some of the largest companies already use mobile apps for employees. Accessibility, essential for the consumption of internal information, is just one of their benefits. Mobile applications increase productivity in managing internal processes and serve as authentic platforms used to transform the employer's branding strategy into an effective interaction experience with the employee.   Technology [...]

The Digital-Marketing Revolution in the Virtual Age

The frontier between the virtual world and the real world continues to unravel, offering breathtaking experiences that, a few years ago, could only be found in the imagination of sci-fi writers. Enhanced, virtual, mixed realities, apps, social networks and Internet connections have become tools that will drive the growth of the advertising and marketing industry [...]